Hot Countertop Trends for 2023


With 2023 just around the corner, the upcoming year’s kitchen trends are beginning to appear. From earth tones to all-white, our All Concepts team has all you need to keep your kitchen trendy for the new year!


The number one hottest countertop trend in the 2023 forecast is quartz! This recyclable material is easy to clean, ultra-durable, long-lasting and comes in a variety of colors and design options to satisfy all aesthetics. Housing slabs ranging from bright and airy to dark and moody, our Georgia and South Carolina showrooms offer quartz countertops perfect for any home.

For a light and airy look, try our Fairbanks design – a cool-toned white featuring grey specs throughout the piece. For a moodier and darker feel, try our Eternal Marquina design – a jet-black countertop with beautiful white veining.


Following closely behind quartz on the 2023 countertop trends ladder is quartzite. This beautiful stone is UV and heat-resistant, low-maintenance and environmentally friendly. Quartzite features naturally occurring elements that allows it to provide an earthier feel to your kitchen. 

Perfect for showcasing on a kitchen island or as your main countertop, our White Pitaya selection is a light and minimal quartzite with a cool-toned white base with grey specs and muted veining throughout the slab.


The top pick for the 2022 countertop trend forecast, Marble has trickled its way down in the lineup. Well-known for its display of elegance and wealth, Marble is heat-resistant and long-lasting with regular sealing and upkeep. This stunning material adds value to the home and comes in various designs and colors with unique veining and ribbons. 

Our customer-favorite hard marble option, Brown Fantasy, boasts a beautiful array of muted greys, browns and whites which make it one of our most versatile and unique offerings. Emulating a harmonious blend of sand and the ocean, this selection provides an earthy yet luxurious feel.


While granite may be lower on the 2023 countertop trend totem pole, it is still a homeowner and builder favorite! With various color and design options, the possibilities are endless with granite. This stunning natural material is long-lasting, durable and heat resistant. From light to dark to multicolored, our warehouse holds a granite countertop option for any home décor style.

Always classic and neutral, Dallas White and Luna Pearl led the pack for our builder selections in 2022, but we’re seeing a steady increase in interest for Azul Platino, which has some really special added shimmer and dimension to the lightest parts. For a warmer selection, try our Santa Cecilia and Giallo Ornamental designs. Our Steel grey and Uba Tuba designs are ideal for incorporating darker elements. Try our Cotton White design to add depth to your all-white kitchen!

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